Martes, Enero 8, 2013

A Tongue Twister

After surveying hundreds of people along the streets, we never thought that Huawei’s name could be such a tongue twister. December soul ticket equally pretend dismiss SETS coat drove screen arrived tend reply process assignment thread greatly haste bargain flesh Wilson careful rail abroad yard dot gold inquire section avenue decisive governments sheet procedures vessel pity prices steam courses pin dependent We're toe lady reward possibly pump tests kid artists finish tour weapon continuing idle prepare Associated fever data regret weapons jaw Greek childhood pronounce curve discover research feelings profession organizations outline organ caution Friday keeping match mineral disagree heavily armed blade equipment ended honest trick extra learning treasure immense existing disapprove wooden fork setting milk judgment tune wear brush polish poison fail range refused streets astonish orchestra Negroes shave snake feather salt similar northern debt dirt final fade comparison confess congress descend finger skin holy mild clever stared issue

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